I just finished up a new video! I was aiming for a classic 1950's space sci-fi kind of feel complete with floating brains, a spaceship, rayguns, jetpacks, and a moon landscape.  This took a ton of time to create, from building the sets to positioning the figures, and then animating the special effects. Below are behind the scene pics of the process.

I made this in a bedroom and this was the first stop motion video that I shot.  I was really just making it up as I went along.  Some of the items I used to create the video were 12" action figures, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Krang toy, a Sanyo Boombox stacked with Korg Volca Synths, molding clay, and ketchup. The moon landscape was build by adding sand to a two long folding tables, and a few rocks on top. The Space Ship interior was built using cardboard that was covered in paper that was printed to look like space gear and tv monitors. Special effects and television animations created using After Effects. The budget for this video was $250 (most objects were built using whatever things I had laying around). Still images for the stop motion were captured using a Canon t2i and the lighting was created using two cheap LED lights.

by jp