Greg Vanderpool - Nowhere To Land

OVRLD Video Premiere - Nowhere To Land

OVRLD video premiere of "Nowhere to Land" by Greg Vanderpool. I pulled some unused footage from the BLASTERER video I made last year and re-edited everything to create this new take on the story. For Tommy Lee Jones and Kurt Russell, the outlook looks bleak.  Is there any hope at all??  You decide... Great song from an amazing artist... check it out!

by jp

Float Fest 2016 Recap

I've been doing some work with Float Fest over the last few months.  Here is a 2016 Recap video with that I helped finish off with motion graphics and also the final edit pass.

by jp

Walkman Wars

Here's something stupid!  I made this song called Walkman Wars which has an 80's breakdance kind of feel... so I grabbed some of the dopest and freshest dance move videos I could find and turned them into this rad video.  

by jp

Viewtopia Award Winners!

I got to travel to San Francisco for the Viewtopia Awards in San Francisco, and our video team won Best Online Video Presence.  We got to take home a fancy VMA Robot Trophy!

by jp

PR Awards in New York

Our video team was nominated for a PR Award for our IT Pro Day video!  I got to travel to New York and party a little bit... but..... we didn't win this time.  I guess the world just wasn't ready for a devo/beastie boys/boyz II men/ We are the world mashup, but their kids are gonna love it!

by jp


I just finished up a new video! I was aiming for a classic 1950's space sci-fi kind of feel complete with floating brains, a spaceship, rayguns, jetpacks, and a moon landscape.  This took a ton of time to create, from building the sets to positioning the figures, and then animating the special effects. Below are behind the scene pics of the process.

I made this in a bedroom and this was the first stop motion video that I shot.  I was really just making it up as I went along.  Some of the items I used to create the video were 12" action figures, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Krang toy, a Sanyo Boombox stacked with Korg Volca Synths, molding clay, and ketchup. The moon landscape was build by adding sand to a two long folding tables, and a few rocks on top. The Space Ship interior was built using cardboard that was covered in paper that was printed to look like space gear and tv monitors. Special effects and television animations created using After Effects. The budget for this video was $250 (most objects were built using whatever things I had laying around). Still images for the stop motion were captured using a Canon t2i and the lighting was created using two cheap LED lights.

by jp



This is a rendering of a billboard that I designed a billboard for the Austin Pecan Street Festival.  It's my first billboard... hopefully I can get a pic of the actual printed version soon!

by jp


Here's a brand new song!  It's actually been written for a little while, I just didn't get around to recording it as quick as I had hoped.  As I was writing it I really thought it would make a rad song for my old band Built By Snow to record.  I just couldn't quite find the time with the guys to make it happen, so I ended up slapping on my eargoggles and recording it all myself.  Eventually a mastered version of this song this will land on some sort of album.

by jp

Built By Snow @ SXSW

My old band Built By Snow will be playing an Official SXSW Showcase Show again, so I made this promotional poster.   This will likely be the only show we play this year, so our goal is to rock  hard enough to make our brains fall out and then carry them offstage using our synthesizers as stretchers.  

by jp

david bowie


It's a sad day.  Over the last couple years David Bowie went from being an artist that I liked, into one of my major influences.  Some days go by where I don't listen to anything but his music.  It's a sad day.

by jp

Pecan Street Festival Poster Design!

Austin Pecan Street Festival Poster

Here is a new poster created for the longest running festival in Austin, TX.  The 39th Annual Pecan Street Festival.  This is just the first list of bands, more are being announced every month.

by jp